$ 150K Agreement Between CoProvider & Alzereea Alsudani

Thursday 14 Oct 2021

CoProvider partners with Alzereea Alsudani to empowering producers and service providers in agri-supply chains to access global markets, highlight their capabilities and services and grow their sales outside Sudan. This will take place through building and maintaining online stores and service packages for 200 producers and SMEs on the B2B marketplace of CoProvider. Their business premium profiles will be promoted to visitors of Sudan Pavilion at EXPO 2020 Dubai and beyond.

The B2B marketplace and RFQ platform of CoProvider currently serves over 1900 registered buyers and sellers from micro companies to corporate levels such as Del Monte Foods, Unilever, Al Rawabi Dairy, CoProvider is on a mission to democratize, localize and streamline professional B2B trading of services on one digital marketplace for MENA business communities. CoProvider was selected recently as a tech-innovative company to participate in Sudan Pavilion at EXPO 2020 Dubai.


While Alzereea Alsudani, means the Sudanese farmer, the company which was established during 2021 in Khartoum is considered the largest agricultural community in Sudan with more than half a million members and more than 40 experts in various fields. Alzereea AlSudani seeks to build reliable agricultural and investment community by spreading knowledge, supporting the supply chain, and motivating producers in the sector to increase productivity.


With common mission of the two partners, mainly focusing on supporting cooperative societies and business communities to move forward, the partnership is strongly expected to add great value to producers and SMEs in Sudan.


Ahmed Khalid, the founder & CEO of CoProvider, said of the partnership; “CoProvider focuses on technology and people. We found Alzereea Alsudani is one of the readiest business communities in Sudan to work with. Alzereea Alsudani focusses on an industry and services which many businesses need and our platform can be a great gate to connect the local producers with world-wide buyers and assure business growth’’. Ahmed added; " Efficiency is compromised on 30 million RFQs annually raised in MENA. Buyers reach same list of vendors while millions of vetted vendors don’t get opportunities to participate and save buyers’ time & money. Its fact that 95% of the players are SMEs who can’t afford expensive e-sourcing platforms and the attributed inefficiency of doing business has massive negative impact on socio-economy. CoProvider, the next Alibaba of services, empowering business communities and work on raising productivity and growth’’.

Al-Amin Jaafar, the founder and CEO of Alzareea Alsudani, said about the partnership; “We are working to be the most influential community on the field of agricultural development and social innovation which serves people by addressing sustainable development challenges with interactive platforms, advisory teams, innovation labs, productive initiatives, education contents and an attractive environment. Spreading the culture of production and productivity, providing job opportunities, and reducing the unemployment rate by spreading the culture of agricultural entrepreneurship and increasing the capacity for community participation towards agricultural investment, developing the agricultural value chain and building agricultural capabilities for small farmers and cooperative societies’’. He also stated, "With reference to our partnership with CoProvider, we are eager to enable producers and service providers in the agricultural supply chain to access global markets, elevate their production and service capabilities, and grow their sales outside Sudan, and take advantage of the opportunity of Expo 2020 in Dubai and the global turnout to open investment opportunities for them".


Mohamed Osman Baloola, CEO of Innovation at Sudan Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, commented on the agreement; "CoProvider is one of the leading startups in the field of technology and innovation. It was selected to participate at Sudan Pavilion in the Innovation Hub together with a constellation of entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized companies. The cooperation agreement between CoProvider and Alzareea Alsudani is the first commercial deal for Sudan Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, which will contribute to supporting large segment of small farmers and will open for them a window to the entire world. Investment is one of the most important objectives of Sudan Pavilion and encouraging young innovators is a priority and a true embodiment of the slogan of Sudan Pavilion at EXPO 2020 Dubai “Sudan is the land of endless opportunities”.