Top 10 Facility Management Companies In Dubai

Facilities Management Companies in Dubai deliver an incredible array of services that are essential to the effective operations of any building, organisation or government institute. In this post, we’ll be exploring what are the core facets of a successful Facilities Management company in Dubai as well as exploring the top 10 Facilities Management companies in Dubai.
What is a Facilities Management Company?
The boom in size and complexity the business sector witnessed over the last five decades led to the emergence of the discipline of Facility Management (FM). The International Organization for Standardization defines Facilities Management as the “organizational function which integrates people, place, and process within the built environment with the purpose of improving the quality of life of people and the productivity of the core business”. Facilities Management companies offer a range of management services ranging from maintenance to security, to cleaning, to HSE services for industrial, residential and commercial buildings as well as public facilities such as parks and arenas. Facilities Management companies operate on two domains: Hard Facilities Management with a focus on physical and tangible properties. And Soft Facilities Management or commonly known as the people and organization oriented services such as human resources, IT services and hospitality and catering.
In order to ensure smooth business operation, boost productivity and performance and enhance talent acquisition and retention Facilities Management firms should aim for creating sustainable solutions, optimize space utilization, focus on technology integration and creating customizable and personalized services.
What makes a great Facilities Management Company in Dubai?
Great facilities management companies in Dubai deliver across 4 key pillars, each of which is designed to both increase efficiency and productivity of the workplace, and future proof the organisation's working environment. The 4 pillars of facilities management are:
  1. Supporting The WorkForce - The primary objective of Facilities Management is supporting the workforce by ensuring a safe, well organized and structured building that has all the amenities required.
  2. Creating & Owning Processes - Facilities management functions deliver more than just desk space. At their most strategic Facilities Management companies also create emergency action plans, stock management and re-ordering processes and processes for checking visitors in and out of the building
  3. Building Management & Improvement - A core facet of Facilities Management is the upkeep of buildings, ensuring that all amenities are working and maintained, as well as owning any upgrades or improvements that are required
  4. Integrating Technologies - More than ever Facilities Management are involved in the selection, installation and maintenance of technologies that impact the workplace. These can include IoT devices for tracking staff and stock or simply the technologies required by the employees.
What Services do Facilities Management Companies Offer?
Services offered by Facilities Management companies in Dubai can be split into 2 categories; Soft services and hard services.
Soft Services
Soft services are often services that make the working environment or building a more pleasant and acceptable place to work. These include:
  • Gardening
  • Landscaping
  • Window cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Managing post
  • Managing Waste
  • Managing parking
Hard Services
Hard services are directly related to the building itself and are integrated into the building's assets. In essence, hard services cannot be moved. These include:
  • Fire safety
  • Plumbing and water control
  • Air Conditioning
  • Heating systems
  • Building maintenance
What are the top 10 Facilities Management Companies in Dubai? 
There are many facilities management companies in Dubai and the UAE, here we list the top 10 based on our research. You can always find Facilities management companies that match your exact needs at CoProvider.
Lahej & Sultan
Since its establishment in 1981, Lahej & Sultan (L&S) has been the leading service provider for the following services: Cleaning Services, Security Services, Gas Distribution, Gas Pipeline connection and Pest Control. Under the guidance of its Chairman & Managing Partner, Mr Hussain Sultan Al Junaidy, the company has been able to diversify itself into various segments of the services industry.
At Lahej & Sultan, our first priority is always “Customer Satisfaction”. Our focus has always been to deliver our service beyond the customers’ expectations and this can be known from the long list of our loyal customers whom we have been serving for decades.
Transguard Group
Founded in 2001 Transguard offers comprehensive packages ranging from maintenance and landscaping to HR and security services. They hold a record of over 1000 satisfied customers.
Optimal Cleaning and Maintenance
Optimal Cleaning and General Maintenance L.L.C is one of the reliable cleaning and maintenance solutions provider in the UAE fulfilling the increasing demands of this fast-growing industry and providing highly trained and dedicated teams of professionals.
With a reputation for providing high-quality sustainable solutions employing the latest technology innovations, Farnek is a dedicated FM company that offers top tier integrated services for both the commercial and residential sector.
Deyaar Facilities Management
As one of the leading real estate developers in Dubai Business Bay Deyaar’s FM division offers both hard and soft services including but not limited to electrical, plumbing, HVAC and pest control. They stand out in their strict compliance with international standards.
EFS Facilities Services
EFS enjoys a global reputation from clients in The Middle East, South Africa and Turkey. They specialize in the industrial sector offering smart solutions in maintenance, waste management and housekeeping.
Alfariaa Technical Works LLC
Al Fariaa Group provides outstanding customer service to its valued clientele. Client Satisfaction is a key business driver for us and as such our customer base continues to grow rapidly among the GCC. In a matter of a few short years, we have proven our ability to execute sizeable and complex projects. The projects are delivered on time, within budget and at the highest standards of quality which we are always committed to providing in all of our endeavours.
Al Shirwai Facilities Management
With a commendable reputation among high-end clients, Al Shirwai offers integrated suits for both corporate and property owners. Al Shirwai is best known for its flexible and customizable packages that can be built from a list of services including; security, cleaning, hospitality and maintenance.
Despite not being exhaustive, this list presents a well-balanced overview of the best FM companies in Dubai that accommodate the versatility of the market demands and answer to quality and innovation requirements. 
Emiril Services LLC
Emiril Services Company has placed its name among the most important facilities management companies in Dubai with confidence, as its services meet most of the needs of customers, whether in the field of residential real estate, corporate offices, entertainment places, hotels and large establishments.
Blue Diamond Facilities Management Services
Blue Diamond Facilities Management Services has obtained many ISO certificates, which have made it one of the most important facilities management companies in Dubai since its establishment in 1995. The services of the Blue Diamond Company include cleaning, pest control, security, protection and uniform design for companies, in addition to interior design and engineering development, not to mention the regular maintenance services for the facilities.
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